Write an essay that explores the concept of a Token Economy. –

Write an essay that explores the concept of a Token Economy. This approach refers to a planned reinforcement plan that helps aid with individuals earning tokens through performance of desirable behaviors. The tokens may be used for a variety of objects and/or privileges that helps reinforcement the positive behavior demonstrated to earn the token. A token economy must account for four different components: The target behaviorThe type of token used and the number to be given for performing a target behaviorBackup reinforcers available and the number of tokens required to purchase themRules and proceduresYour task for this assignment is to develop a Token Economy program for the setting of your choice (e.g., educational setting, residential treatment facility, home life, etc.). Students should ensure that their token economy is clearly outlined so that the reader could take the information and begin enforcing the program on their own. Students should be sure to include all four components of a token economy in their assignment. This assignment can be completed in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or any other program the student feels is easiest to present the program.

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